Our picks: county commission

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dallas County is moving forward.

This is evident by the cooperation between the Dallas County Board of Commissioners and local industry and developers.

Take a look at the construction of a road to benefit the county&8217;s newest industry, Dixie Pellets; the ongoing partnership with International Paper&8217;s Riverdale Mill and the new subdivisions sprouting up outside Selma.

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Additionally, a majority of the Board of Commissioners has worked together to ensure the safety and well being of their constituents.

Consider the grants received for community tornado shelters and the one constructed in the Selmont community; the grants sought and received to alleviate water concerns of other county residents and the management of taxpayer dollars, ensuring that the county receives services and work in a timely manner for the money spent.

The citizens of Dallas County appreciate the cooperative spirit of the Board of Commissioners with one another.

Certainly, times come when people will disagree. However, a majority of the board agrees to disagree and present a united will for the public. The board does not waste taxpayers&8217; time and money by arguing publicly over minutia. It is with these things in mind, that The Selma Times-Journal recommends and endorses the following candidates in the June 3 primary Tuesday: