More jobs needed for youths

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 23, 2008

A group of young people packed council chambers in Selma City Hall on Thursday afternoon to see if they&8217;d get lucky this year.

Although they participated in a lottery, this was one of a different kind.

Instead of paying to play., these youths wanted to bank on a job and a minimum wage job at that.

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Hard work and the rewards of hard work are values that smaller cities, such as Selma, can pass onto the young people who grow up here.

Unfortunately, the money donated for the summer work project only paid for 82 jobs.

The applications numbered 349.

But those who didn&8217;t succeed at the lottery Thursday didn&8217;t seem discouraged. Some said they would apply other places for work. Others said they&8217;d try their hands at piecemealing work, doing odd jobs here and there.

Perhaps next summer, more people, organizations and businesses will donate money to the summer work program for the city.

After all, work is a good thing.

We should encourage it.