Writer views coach Christopher Raymond as a legend on the field and as a life example

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dear editor,

Coach Christopher Raymond a legend.

I call him a legend because to me and countless others that&8217;s exactly what he is.

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Not just in football but in this game we call life.

I remember the years you coached and did not win not one single game, and I did say years.

That spoke volumes to me.

It said you were there for love of the sport and love for those kids.

Then, when your time came to win some games and for the first time in years Southside went to the second round of the playoffs, it seemed to go unnoticed.

You coached the team that scored points on Demopolis, when Demopolis had not been scored on for years in regular season play.

When my boys found out he was leaving Southside, they both said almost at the same time, &8220;Coach Raymond doesn&8217;t play.&8221;

Now days how many coaches, educators, etc., don&8217;t have the respect of their subordinates to the point they know without a doubt, &8220;he don&8217;t play?&8221;

While they respect him to the point they know he don&8217;t play yet both boys maintains that he is &8220;fair.&8221;

That is a combination that will be sorely missed at the Big Red & White.

While I realize Coach Raymond had to make a decision that is best for him and his family, I watch him leave with sadness in heart.

Our children need to know that even though their teacher/coach is strict on them, but at the same time he/she has their best interest at heart.

If our children know this, they will stay focused and train at being the best they can be both in the classroom and on the football field.

Coach Raymond teaches that they are student athletes. Students first, for they know if their report cards are not up to par, they will be benched, and for those he felt like could do better they know what they were going to get &8212; that&8217;s right, the board.

Coach Raymond instilled in his players that &8220;Stars shine but teams win.&8221;

Southside will definitely miss you, not only the school but the entire Southern zone.

Alpha McConico