Taylor Troha teaches us

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sometimes, we should think of the story of &8220;The Little Engine That Could.&8221;


face obstacles every day. At times, those barriers to what we perceive as our success seem nearly unsurmountable.

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In our midst, we have a shining example of what you do when you don&8217;t have, but reach inside deep and produce.

Taylor Troha, 17,

always has participated in sports of some kind &8212; kickball or basketball. She has ridden her bicycle in the street with the other kids.

Nobody has ever told Taylor she can&8217;t do those things, although she was born with cataracts and glaucoma and lost her sight at age 8.

She&8217;s undergone 50 surgeries in her short lifetime and is about to make that No. 51 to correct her vision and other ailments she&8217;s had since birth.

But she has the spirit, the heart.

In September, Taylor will participate in the Paralympic Academy, one of two Alabama student-athletes chosen for the honor.

Her goal: to competed in the 2012 Paralympic Games in track and field or goalball.

We&8217;re likely to see her bring home a medal.

She has the right stuff.

The rest of us could learn from her example.