Board to hear CNP managers

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Selma Times-Journal


City Child Nutrition Program managers may soon see a change in their pay schedule.

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Verdell Lett Dawson, interim superintendent of Selma City Schools, said she would allow the managers, through a spokesperson, to address the Selma City School Board. A special called meeting will be held at 5 p.m. Tuesday at the central office at 2194 Broad St.

Dawson met with the workers on Thursday at Selma High School. Though not promising any changes to the salary schedule, Dawson said the board would &8220;revisit it.&8221;

The managers filed a petition against the new salary schedule recently approved by the board, citing that newly hired workers are making as much or more than management.

For example, under the salary schedule, a cafeteria worker employed from 0 to 3 years makes $9 an hour and works an average of 6 hours a day, and some work more. That person&8217;s annual gross salary is $14,040 or $270 per week. A Rank 1 cafeteria manager, (no certification or college degree), employed from 0 to 3 years, works an average of 8 hours a day, and some work more. That person&8217;s annual salary is $15,000, or $288 per week.

The workers have shown up for work as normal, but the morale is not the same.

Custodians and bus drivers were also present at Thursday&8217;s meeting. However, they will not be addressing the school board on Tuesday. Dawson said she had no comment regarding the custodians or bus drivers.

The new salary schedule has prompted a series of bus driver sickouts. As a result, some Selma Early College students have been late for school and other arrangements had to be made for elementary school field trips.

Craig Pouncey, assistant state superintendent, said schools must submit pay schedules to the state with budget documents by Sept. 15. However, the school board has the power to set the schedule as it sees fit.