Figures campaigns in Selma

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Selma Times-Journal

U.S. Senate hopeful Vivian Figures minced no words about either her competition or her plan for improvement once in office.

Figures spoke to an openly partisan group of supporters Friday evening at The Gathering Place.

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She addressed the proposed statewide smoking ban, her campaign plans, fundraising and her opponent, Sen. Jeff Sessions.

She challenged Sessions throughout her speech.

She emphasized her track record, particularly her work in strengthening the Child Protection Act.

In June 2007, she told the Birmingham News that she believed she was not ready to jump into the senatorial race, reducing her window to publicize her name to voters.

Audience member Sam Walker arrived before Figures did, and enthusiastically campaigned for her beside the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

Figures is seen as the underdog by most observers.

According to an April 28th article from the Southern Political Report, Sessions has raised nearly $4 million more than Figures&8217; $45,000.

And with a campaign contribution limit of $2,300 per donation, catching Sessions is unlikely.

Nonetheless, she remains confident that she not only can defeat Sessions, but will defeat him.

Part of the $45,000 raised so far was used to poll voters.

Figures went on to credit the fundraising discrepancy to Sessions&8217; receiving funds from pacts – special interest groups, particularly the energy industry, and her committee&8217;s earning of its money.

Supporter Rose Sanders was emphatically enthusiastic in her support of Figures, making herself heard before Figures&8217; arrival by enticing passing motorists to honk and passing out campaign placards.