This mother does not take the one day for her for granted and thanks her children

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 16, 2008

Dear editor,

Mothers&8217; Day was wonderful as usual.

Every year I glow on that day &8212; my day &8212; and every year becomes another and another.

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We mothers take that day too casual, and I will not let another year pas without letting my five surviving chidlren know how blessed I am.

They come, take over and I am in my glory &8212; queen for a day &8212; but not so. Everyday they make me feel as if I&8217;m the best mom ever, and I know that isn&8217;t so.

and my in-laws are the cream of the crop. Even the ones who have moved on are still mine and call me &8220;Mom.&8221;

I lost my oldest son two years ago to a heart attack, so to the surviving ones, I want you to know I think you are the greatest, and I appreciate you every day and couldn&8217;t make it without you.

If it seems I take you all for granted, know I&8217;m blessed with the best of children, and your Dad each day for you. Thank you all for what I have.

Life sin&8217;t so bad after all.

So to Deb and Wayne; Jim and Teresa; Ray and Kay; Pat and George; Cindy and Brandon; 16 of the finest grendchildren and 15 great-grands, I say you keep me going and God bless each mom.

Barbara Boley