Knox students head to space

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Selma Times-Journal

Writers the world over want their work to be known by the masses. Students at Knox Elementary, in a way, have gone a step further with their writing.

Their signatures will be going all the way to outer space.

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Knox was one of 500 schools in the world chosen to participate in the National Space Day Student Signatures in Space program sponsored by NASA and Lockheed Martin Corp.

Students dressed as Martians and astronauts Friday and signed a poster that will be scanned and flown in a disc aboard the Endeavor space shuttle, scheduled to lift off from Denver in the fall.

Knox Elementary principal Joslyn Reddick said NASA will be corresponding with the school via email to keep students posted on where their signatures are at various points on the shuttle&8217;s journey.

The poster signing was one of several events for which students gathered in the school&8217;s cafeteria to participate. Fourth and fifth grade students explained the Space Day Student Signatures in Space program and the role of Lockheed Martin and NASA to the assembly. That was followed by the kindergarten classes singing &8220;Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star&8221; and the Knox School Chorus singing &8220;I Believe I Can Fly&8221; by R. Kelly.

The Student Signatures in Space program was formed in 1997 through a partnership with Lockheed Martin and NASA to encourage students&8217; interest in space, science and math. Space Day each year is celebrated on the first Friday of May, and this year&8217;s observance also marked NASA&8217;s 50-year anniversary.

Students across the U.S. and in Canada participate in the event each year.