Nickles chooses not to appeal decision

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Selma Times-Journal

Both candidates for Dallas County Commission District 4 will go on the ballot as Democrats in the June 3 primary.

Candidate Larry Nickles will not appeal the Dallas County Democratic Party Executive Committee&8217;s decision, allowing his opponent, Clifford Hunter, to run as a Democrat.

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Nickles&8217; attorney, Tommy Atchison of Selma, said his client has decided to focus on his campaign.

In the event of an appeal, the Dallas County Democratic Party Executive Committee would hear the challenge. A second appeal would have been heard by the state Democratic Party, and time is of the essence.

During Friday&8217;s hearing, Hunter&8217;s attorney J.L. Chestnut claimed the case was not about the rules of the Democratic Party, but an attempt to sway the racial balance of power on the Dallas County Commission from a black majority to white.

Nickles and Atchison denied the accusation. The basis of their case was because Hunter ran for county board of education in 2006 under the banner of the Freedom Party, he was in violation of the Democratic loyalty rule, the Radney Rule. The rule states a candidate for office must not have voted for or supported any other party during the last general election.

Probate Judge Kim Ballard, chairman of the Dallas County Commission, said he&8217;s worked on the commission with a black majority and a white majority.

Hunter said he, like Nickles, will concentrate on his campaign and let the voters decide who they want in the seat.