Reader calls on city leaders to put the people of Selma first over differences in council chambers

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dear editor,

I hope my frustrations do not come out the wrong way, but as sure as God has ascended to the heavens, I assure you that I have had enough of the outright hypocrisy that is openly shown by our city leaders, our state leaders and our fake civil rights leaders.

Even before the bond issue was voted down by the citizens, both black and white, there was never peace at City Hall. Always the loud isruption, disrespect by Council members Bennie Ruth Crenshaw, Johnnie Leashore, Jannie Venter and Samuel Randolph.

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If they knew what to join in and what to say to contribute to show support in the disruptions. I believe the madness heightened after the bond did not pass and the fact that the council president has announced his bid for mayor.

I personally thought that six months before an incumbent election was poor timing to put a population as small as Selma into $12.3 million debt with unsure directions this money will be used.

The citizens don&8217;t even know where or if there is money now in the city, especially the general fund, and no one will question their tax dollars, and when the two white council people attempt to question something as simple as a copy of a public statement and ask more than one because they have asked before and no one seem to have heard, you are playing a political game, and it is called harassment.

George Evans should have filed those charges against Crenshaw and Leashore long, long ago with what we heard with our ears, not someone telling us.

This is not an anti-Perkins letter, but rather a wake up, people letter. I truly believe if perkins had sobered up from being drunk on absolute power and had listened to the cry of the people and associated himself with people who knew how and they had taught him, he would have done something of subsance.

By this I mean something the people could see. Don&8217;t just clean up six months before an election and give me four years of filth. A movie theater was not a priority when school books and run-down neighborhoods are unsafe to rear kids in.

State Sen. Hank Sanders said it a couple of months ago on Viewpoint that he made a mistake to ask the people a second time to re-elect the mayor because you can&8217;t tell nothing. He won&8217;t listen. He is bad for Selma.

Now, the senator said that to a public listening, and no matter how much they come to the table together and lick molasses, it does not change the spoken words of the most powerful man in the Black Belt.

A positive sign of cocksureness of those who thought of this bond issue as a free ticket to victorywith promises were deeply upset. there was an unknown need for this money that included a theater or sidewalks.

Perhaps the mayor&8217;s trip to Washington this week will reap him a portion of that need.

There is too much controversy around this mayor and the council. I say get rid of everybody and start anew. Start with somebody that we don&8217;t have to hear people saying, &8220;Well, you let Smitherman do it for 30 years, you can let this administration do it.&8221;

How stupid to even say this.

Perkins broke the chain of command of Joe Smitherman. The question now: Has he broken Selma?

Janice Collins