Our judicial system needs help

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dear editor,

Judicial systems in all levels of government, are in a shambles and getting worse. Alabama&8217;s Legislative Branch has been, and unfortunately still remains, a self-serving bunch of politicians. And now an Alabama state senator is attempting to perpetuate both these travesties by introducing a measure into congressional committee requiring all judges (at least at state and county levels) be lawyers.

How more self-serving can one be? Lawyers write laws for lawyers so only lawyers can interpret and apply them! And now they want to run (ruin) our courts? Whoa, there is something terribly wrong with this picture!

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A judge is supposed to do just exactly as is implied/said &8212; &8220;judge.&8221; To judge, one must attentively hear/listen to all the sworn truths (facts) of the case (criminal or civil) and based on the merits of these facts, pro and con, logically and impartially render a decision either for the prosecution or for the defendant.

Any questions the judge may have as to the legality of any of the facts must be answered &8220;truthfully&8221; by the lawyers representing each of the two sides of the issue. In cases involving a jury, the judge must insure the proceedings are orderly and they logically follow informational paths which allow the jurors (who fortunately are also not lawyers) to &8220;logically&8221; arrive at an unbiased truthful conclusion (collectively judging), based on the information presented them. To be logical and unbiased, a truly effective &8220;judge&8221; may be, but should preferably not be, a practicing lawyer. If one writes, or has a hand in writing, laws, how can one remain unbiased in a matter to be &8220;judged?&8221; To be, and remain, totally fair and unbiased, judges must be well organized, attentive and, above all else, logical &8212; not lawyers!

James L. Nix

Hartselle, Ala.