Rotary group promotes world peace

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 13, 2008

Staff report

Five Brazilians are in Selma this weekend as part of the Rotary Foundation&8217;s Group Study Exchange.

The five are Marcelo Brs Corr/a, Carmen Silvia de Souz Lima, Cloizi Cristina Dedemo, Ivy Karina Wiens and Samantha Amancio Quintiliano. This is part of the effort of Rotary International to achieve understanding and world peace, according to Bob Myers of the Selma Rotary Club.

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Marcelo is from Bauru. He is a team leader. He works in an electric power transmission company.

Carmen is from Presidente Prudente. She teaches English to Brazilian teenagers and adults. She manages the school, coordinates the courses and gives training courses to teachers.

Elozi is from Marilia. She works in the chocolate industry, working to expand new markets and products.

Ivy is from Bauru. She is a non-governmental organization manager, who specializes in environmental public policies.

Samantha is from Duartina. There was no biographical information about her from the Rotarians.

Bob Kelly played host to the group Saturday evening at the Tally-Ho Restaurant.

They were scheduled to have breakfast at St. Paul&8217;s Episcopal Church today with services and a tour of the church.

On Monday, the group will attend the noon meeting of the Rotary Club at the St. James Hotel. Most of Monday will be spent touring Henry Brick.

At least one member of the group, Carmen, will observe English and Spanish honors classes at Morgan Academy.