School reunion a big success

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dear editor,

It was fantastic! The fourth biennial Summerville-Kirksey School Reunion held on March 20-23 in Aliceville was incredible. The activities associated with the reunion allowed the schools’ alumni to reconnect and renew old friendships.

Relationships are always worth restoring.

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The success of the event is primarily credited to the tireless hours of planning and unselfishly giving of their time by the steering committee. These members are William Rice, Alice Hurst, Annie C. Miller, Betty Simmons, Annie Lewis, Bettye Robinson, Emma Walker, Evelyn Bradley, Frank Suttles, Helen Hughes, Herbert Lavender, Irene Taylor, Kathryn Barnes, Katie Gilleylen, Marva Gipson, Mary Bonner, Mary J. McCaa, and Morris Hickman. They are an A+ group of individuals. Moreover, the Distinguished Alumni Award presented to William Rice, chairman reunion committee, is our appreciation to him for his dedication and continuous efforts to make the Summervill-Kirksey School Reunion come to fruition. He is an exemplary former Pickens County educator. On a humorous note, research indicates the top 10 reasons people say they return to their school reunion/class reunion:

1. To assure myself that I’m aging well and look younger than everyone else.

2. To show off the results of the diet and exercise program I started the day the invitation came. 3. To get away from the children. 4. To appear prosperous by driving up in a Jaguar – even if it’s rented. 5. To show off my new young spouse or new friend. 6. To see if I can rekindle an old romance or start up a new one. 7. To see if I can recognize my date to the senior prom. 8. To check out the spouse of my date to the senior prom. 9. It’s something to do while on my annual trip to visit the old folks. 10. To discourage my classmates from gossiping about me. The old Summervill-Kirksey school spirit lives forever

Gerald Shirley

Principal, School of Discovery Selma

R. J. Kirksey – Class of 1970