Failures expose system’s flaws

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dear editor,

Once again I am shocked over the problems with our schools. This problem being our administration! The week before spring break the graduation exam was given at DCHS. While receiving the results Tuesday in the cafeteria, our 10th grade students were told they did not care about their grades and that they treated it like it was a game.

As a parent, I realize that when 65 percent of students do not pass it cannot be just the students. Could it be the information was not taught? (my side note: I have attended class on several occasions) I tried to address this issue with the administration in October/November, and as you guessed it, nothing was or has changed.

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To the administration, I say look in the mirror! If you were concerned about our students and not just the reflection on yourself, I believe our students would fare much better. With the discouraging tone of your speech on Tuesday it is no wonder we are where we are in education! It was my understanding that if the grades did not improve the state would take over next year. I, for one, hope that is so. I do not think it could be worse.

Concerned Parent,

Tracy B. Thames

Valley Grande