Grand jury returns no indictment

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 15, 2008


No indictments will be issued for Selma Police officers involved in a fracas exactly a year ago with a local man and his family.

The case was presented Friday to the grand jury of excessive force against several police officers who attempted to arrest Kourtney Gordon in his grandparents&8217; driveway on West Drive in Selma. The family had accused some of the officers of beating and using pepper spray on Gordon and his grandfather without cause.

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But family members who appeared at the grand jury meeting Friday said they are displeased with how Jackson conducted the hearing.

Hollman&8217;s daughter, Sharon, said her mother testified before the grand jury. The family is upset more about Ruth Hollman reporting Jackson&8217;s lack of aggressive prosecution in the grand jury room than about the returned no bill of indictment, she explained.

The family is uncertain what to do next.

The case was referred to Attorney General Troy King&8217;s office by Jackson. King&8217;s office returned the case to Jackson several months later.

An Alabama Bureau of

Investigation report states that officers Jason Whitt attempted to pull over Gordon when the policeman noticed Gordon&8217;s car didn&8217;t have a license plate. After a brief pursuit, Gordon turned into his grandparents&8217; driveway on West Drive and left the vehicle.

During the chase, Whitt had radioed in and detectives Toriano Neely, Frederick Walker and officer Willie Calhoun Jr. responded in Neely&8217;s car. Dallas County Sheriff&8217;s deputy Curtis Miley also reported to the West Drive address.

As Whitt attempted to arrest Kourtney Gordon, his grandfather, Walter Hollman Jr., came out of the house to see what was the matter. Words were exchanged, a struggle ensued and officers sprayed pepper spray on Gordon and his grandfather. At some point, according to the report, an officer used his night stick.&8221;