Discount cards example good stewardship

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The issue: A new prescription discount card is available from the county.

Our position: This is an example of government looking out for constituents&8217; basic needs and taxpayers&8217; dollars.

A group of ladies from Dallas County attended the commission meeting Monday to get the first of a prescription discount card available to everyone.

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Everyone who has had to purchase some kind of prescription medicine lately, knows full well the expense involved.

Many people in our area sometimes make a decision between having enough to eat or buying medicine for themselves or their loved ones.

From the looks of national stories, the cost of prescription drugs isn&8217;t about to take a dip in favor of the client. Research costs, and drug companies pass on that overhead to the consumer.

Fortunately, programs, such as the CountyDrugCard exist for everyone. This doesn&8217;t mean that the medicine is free, but any break is a welcome relief from the exorbitant prices paid for prescriptions. But the card is free. There are no fees to pay.

Commissioner Connell Towns of District 1 brought the program to the commission&8217;s attention. He learned of the program from a co-worker from Wilcox County, which has a similar program.

Cards are available from the Dallas County Department of Human Resources in the courthouse annex. Commissioners are likely to have some of the cards on them, too. It doesn&8217;t matter who you are, the card is for the taking.

Local pharmacies have agreed to participate in the program, Towns said.

Probate Judge Kim Ballard said the program won&8217;t cost the county a dime.

While a discount card on drugs doesn&8217;t seem like a lot to people with good medical insurance, those who are underinsured or have no insurance will appreciate this move on the part of our county government.

The announcement at Monday&8217;s county commission meeting was a prime example of meaningful ways local government should look out for their constituents while being good stewards of taxpayers&8217; dollars.