Antique dealer donates grinding stone to Kenan’s Mill

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Selma Times-Journal

An antique stone that has roots in England will find a home at Kenan’s Mill.

Robert Gordon, owner of Gordon’s Antiques on Mabry Street, is donating a corn-grinding stone to the Selma-Dallas County Historical Preservation Society.

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The stones can sell for upward of $1,700 through auctions or antiques dealers.

The stone, which was given by an anonymous donor, sits behind Gordon’s Antiques with other corn-grinding stones.

Gordon is a noted philanthropist and is involved with several organizations around Selma, including service as a board member for the Old Depot Museum.

Gordon plans to have a hole dug for the stone, and have it placed at Kenan’s Mill for children to play with.

“It’s the same kind of stone that’s used at Kenan’s Mill,” Gordon said.

The corn-grinding stones were found in northern Dallas County, and originally were imported from England. Grinding stones are most commonly made out of sandstone, and the material of the grinding stone at Gordon’s Antiques is buhrstone,

described as porous sandstone or limestone that is ripe for producing fossils, Gordon said.

Charles Moss, a representative for the historical society, accepted the gift on behalf of the organization.

Moss said the grinding stone could be used to show children how the corn is ground.