Saints performed well

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dear editor,

The Selma Saints girls team and coaching staff, Anthony Harris, Melissa White and Darryl Davis, put on an excellent performance in an effort to win the championship. Their record of 32-1 is a historical event for the school, community and state. I am certain that it was a long journey this season, but it was one that will long be remembered.

The Selma Saints boys team must also be commended for their effort in their basketball competitions. Coach Willie Maxey has expressed that he is extremely proud of the team&8217;s performance.

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Hats off to my former colleagues, coaches Harris and Maxey!

Selma should be proud of this athletic program. All athletic programs promote cognitive, affective and psychomotor development through the enhancement of academic excellence, character building and physical performance. Please continue to support the athletic program financially and with your attendance at events.

Selma High School &8212; put the marquee back up in front of the school, so that all will know who the winners are &8212; our children.

Claudia L. Wright

Retired P.E. teacher

Go Saints!

Our schools can do better

Dear editor,

Last week I received the state report card for Dallas County High School and for the Dallas County School System. I hate to admit that I was not surprised to see DCHS with a D and the entire system with a F.

The sad thing is that 42 percent of the teachers have masters degrees. Yet instead of teaching the courses that the students are taking we are teaching the graduation exam (this must be the answer to &8220;focusing on the exam&8221;). It takes a week to give the exam.

Now if you have already passed the exam or are unable to take it yet you have two choices: You can attend school and spend the day in the gym with you friends, or you can stay home and have an excused absent where you do not need a doctor&8217;s excuse etc. ( these are the options the students are encouraged take).

There must be a better way! So what this means for the month of March is that you have two weeks off and two weeks on.

It saddens me that in an advanced English class, students are taught capitalization and punctuation, saddens me that teachers discuss their &8220;cats,&8221; aches and pains, saddens me that half credit is given on a homework assignment just because the teacher can decide to do that.

I could go on with examples of this that would feel the entire paper.

I often hear &8220;it&8217;s for the kids or it will help education&8221;. So far those are just words, when will we put actions to those words and do the best for our children?

Tracy Thames

Valley Grande