Vaughan Health Services is an asset to the community

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dear editor,

What an asset Vaughan Community Health Services is to our community!

On Jan. 29, Vaughan Community Health Services came to our business and did a health screening for 193 associates. They set up the day before the screening in our training room and were ready to begin the screenings at 7 a.m. the next day.

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Karen Morris and her staff had it so organized that our workers were able to come in at a scheduled set time to have their blood pressure, weight, cholesterol, and blood glucose done in 8 to 10 minutes. This time frame is very important to HL-A Co. Inc., where the associates are working on production lines that have deadlines to meet each day.

This health screening was very effective,

and the associates were impressed with the setup of the screening and also that the small fee of

$5 per associate was covered by the company.

The health information that the associates received is strictly confidential, and they were able to get their results immediately and follow up with their physician if they so desired.

Our associates had nothing but positive comments about the screening and hope the company can do this again next year.

Not only was the screening done in a professional way, but Karen&8217;s staff also took the time with each individual to discuss eating habits, exercise and overall wellness issues with the associates

I would hope that other industries and businesses will take advantage of such a great resource in Selma/Dallas County.

Thank you Vaughan Community Health Services.

Dave Skrobak

EH&S Coordinator

Question raised about the term &8216;infrastructure&8217;

Dear editor,

Many citizens have been asking a question that is very important. What is infrastructure?

They are asking because of the bond issue and whether a theatre and other projects in the bond issue are, in fact, part of the infrastructure of our city.

As I understand infrastructure, with the help of Webster’s dictionary; infra means under or beneath and structure means a thing constructed. So infrastructure means a support element that provides strength to a structure.

If I am understanding this correctly, the bond issue is not actually for infrastructure repair or improvements, but for projects that will require more infrastructural expense and attention.

Some people say that it will take $100 million to take care of the immediate problems in our city, so why would we allow projects that would add to our problems, financial demands and increase our infrastructural demands?

Those asking for a movie theatre are certainly within their rights to do so, but should we do it at the expense of the citizens and miss the opportunity to repair the many critical areas of concern in our city?

We must not go to the voting booth with one eye closed. Let’s encourage each other to be fully aware of what is happening and that money received from this bond issue, if passed, is put to the very best use.

May God bless Selma,

Gene Hisel

Opposition to the $12.3M bond issue from this reader

Dear editor,

The mayor is working very hard to convince us to vote for his bond proposal. And why shouldn&8217;t we? New movie theaters, library additions, and trolleys sound very seductive, but at what cost to us in the long run?

Beneath all the hype associated with this bond issue are a lot of questions the investment bankers didn&8217;t answer, or care to answer because their goal is to sell bonds not manage cities, in the forum held about it back on Feb. 19. Such as; what will the city of Selma do if an emergency arises, considering if this bond is approved it will put it near it&8217;s legal debt limit? What guarantees does the city have that it will see a return on it&8217;s investment in a movie theater? Will investors buy the bonds if there&8217;s no one left to insure them because of the subprime mortgage mess? And that&8217;s just the tip of the iceberg!

Selma is my hometown and I want what&8217;s best for it, but in my humble opinion this bond issue is a wrongheaded way to go about it. I urge my fellow citizens to please resist the hype surrounding this bond issue and think before voting on it; a &8220;yes&8221; vote could do more harm than good.

Terry Lewis