State legislators should not oversee colleges

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The issue: A bill that would put lawmakers in charge of the two-year college system.

Our position: The measure should be voted down because there are too many opportunities for abuse.

A bill from the Legislature that would place lawmakers in charge of the state&8217;s two-year college system seems almost too absurd to be true.

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Here&8217;s the way it would work: the Legislative Council would approve policies of the Alabama Board of Education as they relate to the two-year college system.

That means legislators who have had close business dealings with these schools would set the policies and rules for the two-year system.

This is an embarrassing position for the state of Alabama to take, especially considering the rife corruption uncovered in the system.

Legislators should keep their fingers out of the college system&8217;s pie. Good government? Good grief!