Questions answered at forum

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The issue: There was a meeting held Tuesday night to answer questions about the $12.3 million bond issue.

Our position: The city should be congratulated for going the extra mile to inform citizens before they vote.

The election is less than a week away, now, and the questions, apparently, are all answered.

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Mayor James Perkins Jr., city department heads and members of the Selma City Council should be thanked for taking time from their schedules Tuesday night to hold this question-and-answer session to once again allow the public an opportunity to become more informed prior to casting their vote either for, or against, the proposed $12.3 million bond issue.

While only about 50 people attended the meeting held at the Carl Morgan Convention Center, the questions were well thought out and the answers enlightening.

The meeting was informative, with a bond attorney and investment banker present. They were direct and succinct with their answers. Varied questions came from the audience about the projects the bond would fund and how those projects might benefit the city and its residents.

Mayor Perkins and others who endorse the bond issue used the opportunity to make a case for a vote in favor, which is their right to do in a public forum.

We appreciate the openness and candor with which the meeting was conducted and the effort that went in to organizing it, and we look forward to more meetings such as this as issues arise that concern the city and its residents.