Its time to ask about bond issue

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The issue: A bond issue hearing is set for 6 p.m. today at the Carl Morgan Convention Center.

Our position: Everyone should make an effort to attend the hearing. If you don&8217;t ask, then don&8217;t complain.

Tonight&8217;s bond issue hearing is very important for the future of Selma.

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Mayor James Perkins Jr. is holding a bond issue hearing at 6 p.m. at the Carl Morgan Convention Center.

He plans to have a panel of experts there to answer a variety of questions.

Prior to the Selma City Council&8217;s vote to hold a bond election, several of these hearings were well-attended by city residents. Since that time, Perkins has spoken in every venue where there was an opportunity to talk about the bond issue.

But many people in the community have said they still have questions that haven&8217;t been answered.

Last week, The Selma Times-Journal called on the mayor to hold one last meeting for

a question-and-answer session. Perkins agreed.

Sure, it&8217;s likely you&8217;ll hear a pitch for the $12.5 million bond issue because it&8217;s Perkins brainchild and his hope for the future.

But that Perkins supports the bond issue doesn&8217;t prevent anyone from asking salient questions about how it will affect the community at large. After all, the mayor and council members have one vote at the poll, just as any another registered voter in the city.

It&8217;s important that as many people as can attend this meeting to gain a clear understanding of what the bond issue will or will not offer or what it will contain.

The bond issue vote is Feb. 26.

Each voter has the responsibility to prepare as much as possible before marking the ballot &8220;Yes&8221; or &8220;No.&8221;

This vote is important.