Man hospitalized after Maple St. shooting

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 17, 2008


When George Moore stepped out on the front porch of his friend&8217;s house at 1601 Maple St. on Saturday, he didn’t expect to be confronted by a gun-weilding man in a hoodie.

Moore was in Vaughan Regional Medical Center early today, recovering from three gunshot wounds, one to the chest and two to the legs.

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His friend, Charles Travis, and five other people were in the house watching the NBA slam dunk contest on television, part of the NBA All-Star weekend. Molly Travis, Charles&8217; wife, turned up the heat. Moore got hot, so he stepped out on the porch and sat on a couch.

Travis heard Moore&8217;s body fall against the door, and his friend said he&8217;d been shot.

Travis called the police and an ambulance.

Police responded to find Moore conscious and able to talk. The victim described the gunman as wearing a black or blue hoodie. The suspect is a young man.

Travis doesn&8217;t know what could have caused the shooting. &8220;He [Moore] don&8217;t have any enemies. I don’t know why he got shot.&8221;

Detective Frederick Walker said authorities recovered five 22-caliber bullets from the scene.