Postman robbed on delivery route

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Selma Times-Journal

A reward of up to $10,000 is being offered for information leading to the arrest of men who robbed a postal delivery worker Wednesday

in George Washington Carver Homes.

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The two suspects are male and are estimated to be between 17 and 20 years old,

according to

U.S. Postal Inspectors spokesperson Tony Robinson.

Robbins knows the delivery worker well and thinks highly of him. &8220;He is a good man,&8221; Robbins said. &8220;He is well-liked and always has a smile on his face.&8221;

According to witnesses, the suspects broke the window in the postal truck, took a carrier bag, and fled by foot, dropping mail in the process.

Flyers asking for information were distributed around the area to residents.

The crime, which violates

a section under

Title 18 of United States Code, will be investigated and prosecuted by the U.S. Postal Inspectors according to federal law.

Joseph L. Breckenridge, spokesman for the United States Postal Service,

said the suspects took an estimated 500 pieces of mail that was headed to approximately 240 households.

Information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person who served as a conspirator or accessory to the crime, or received

any of the stolen mail, including money or property,

is eligible for a reward as well.