Giving blood helps others and yourself

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The issue: Blood drives have popped up all over the area.

Our position: If you can give blood, please do.

Recently, a group of young people as part of the Youth Leadership program held a blood drive in Selma.

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From all reports, the drive was successful.

Most people consider they have the right to receive blood when they need it. But some people, who can, do not shoulder the responsibility of ensuring that blood is there by donating.

The Red Cross says nationally, to meet patients&8217; needs, it must collect more than six million blood donations each year.

Here in Selma and Dallas County, collecting seems more of the rule than the exception. Even churches hold donation days.

The blood the Red Cross collects will be put to good use. The Red Cross says blood is almost never used in its whole form.

Most of the whole blood collected is separated into components that can be used to treat specific medical needs of three or more people.

It would be wasteful, and experts say, sometimes dangerous to give patients blood components they do not need.

So, the next time someone approaches you about donating blood,if you&8217;re healthy and can

give, please do so.

Remember all Red Cross blood donors are voluntary. They aren&8217;t paid. Most people give because it makes them feel good to do something.