Voters turn out to elect their picks

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The issue: Voters turned out in Dallas County in large numbers to vote for a presidential candidate in Super Tuesday.

Our position: Every election should raise as much interest.

Look past the political rhetoric for a moment. The candidates from both parties are correct in saying that this election will make history.

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All elections make history.

But in particular, this one, where one party attempts to find its middle ground with both extremes pushing from either end, as its standard bearer in the White House loses each day in popularity.

On the other side, the son of a Kenyan and American rises to the top of the ballot with a woman whose mother was born before women had the right to vote.

Certainly, Tuesday was a big day in many states across the nation as it was here in Dallas County and the Black Belt.

Some, like Courtney Morgan, voted for the first time. Morgan cast his ballot with other members of his family, shouldering the responsiblity of helping elect a leader to guide the nation.

Others, like Elnora Robinson, voted as they had so many years before. Robinson was there

on Bloody Sunday when African-Americans struggled for that right to stand in a polling place and select government representatives.

In Dallas County, unofficial returns show that 42 percent of the registered voters here went to the polls in this presidential primary.

Every election should raise as much interest as this one. Voting is the most significant action a citizen of the United States can take to change government.