Spring comes with the ping of college bats

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The issue: Concordia College started its baseball season at Bloch Park on Tuesday.

Our position: A perfect sport played on a spring day.

We have to admit to a certain amount of bias when it comes to baseball. It is our belief that baseball is perhaps the most perfect sport invented.

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That&8217;s why, on spring days this season, when Concordia College plays at Bloch Park, you&8217;ll see some of us hanging over the fence or sitting in the stands.

This is not super-duper baseball. There are no wooden bats, and the ping of the metal grates on purists of the sport.

But there is the double play, the home run, the fly ball almost caught or the line drive caught on a dive that makes anyone with the slightest interest in this purely American sport appreciate Abner Doubleday even more.

Concordia College didn&8217;t win its season opener on Tuesday against Morehouse. There&8217;ll be eight other home games for the guys to get one in the win column.

Meanwhile, watch The Selma Times-Journal for a schedule, make plans to come out to the ball park and enjoy an afternoon in the sun.

It&8217;s free. It&8217;s entertainment for the whole family.

Oh, and while you&8217;re at it, bring your glove. You never know when a foul ball might come your way.