Sen. Obama takes Dallas County with 6,833 votes

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Democrats in Dallas County relished the fact voter turnout was high, and most of them voted for Barack Obama, who carried the county and the state of Alabama.

Statewide Obama had 56 percent, Hillary Clinton 42 percent, and former Sen. John Edwards got 1 percent, even though he has dropped out of the race, with 96 percent of the precincts reporting.

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Under the Democratic Party’s rules, Obama and Clinton will split the Democratic delegates proportionately. Exit polling underlined Obama’s strong appeal to young people and blacks in Alabama, according to the Associated Press.

In Dallas County, in unofficial returns, Obama defeated Clinton at every precinct except one &8212; Clinton won in Tyler 35 to 34 votes. Countywide, Obama had 6,833 to Clinton&8217;s 2,174.

Charles Blackmon, 66, said he has not been this excited about an election in a long time.

Obama faced Hillary Clinton as the Democratic frontrunners in the presidential primary election. The results in Dallas County were nearly 3 to1 in his favor.

Millie Lee Dulaney, chair of Friends of Obama, campaigned throughout the Black Belt for month leading up to the election. She said 70 young people showed up to

Marion Steinfels with Hillary Clinton&8217;s Black Belt campaign office in Montgomery, said they fought the good fight.

James Perkins Jr., chairman of the Dallas County executive committee, called Obama&8217;s showing in Dallas County solid.