County commissioner wants to spread out appointments

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dear editor,

I am of the opinion that board appointments should be spread abroad to all capable, professional, willing, and reliable citizens of Selma/Dallas County.

I feel it is unfair to have the same people appointed and serving on more than one board.

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We must come to the realization that change will occur and it should not be viewed as something bad.

We also talk about investing in our own but how can we invest in the citizens of Selma/Dallas County if we are not allowing and affording them the opportunity to get involved.

I write this letter because I was informed by the commission chair that an E-911 board member would be recommended to fill the vacant administrative position of Dick Bean.

I was also told that the member along with the board wanted to have the former probate judge appointed in his place.

Well, I opposed this idea because of my personal belief of board appointments.

This matter was placed on our Jan. 14 agenda and stated: (1) letter of resignation from 911 board and (2) board appointment with term to expire in 2009.

Again, understanding my position on board appointments, this matter was not discussed and I was asked to meet with the board to hear their concerns and reasoning for wanting the former probate judge appointed.

I met with them on Jan. 15 and heard their concerns, but also gave my take on board appointments.

At our Jan.


meeting, I asked that the agenda be amended to include discussion on the 911 board and to give updates as to my meeting with the board.

After giving my update and stating over my position as it relates to board appointments, it was then my recommendation that we move forward to allow the board member to replace Dick Bean and to appoint William Powell to the board.

Our attorney explained that the 911 board was a separate entity from the county and that the commission only made appointments to the board which I was fully aware of.

I was also told that the board member might be able to serve on the board as well as in the administrative capacity, replacing Mr. Bean.

Having gone through ethics training it is my understanding that this might be illegal and unethical.

I have asked for a copy of the bylaws and the county attorney will be drafting a resolution to be submitted to the attorney general&8217;s office for clarification.

This is not personal, but I want to assurance that we are acting according to what is written, the law!

Clifford O. Hunter

Dallas County Commission