Obama is our choice in primary

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 3, 2008

This nation has come full circle again for election.

On the one hand, there is Hillary Clinton, who was a part of that eight years in the White House before George Bush.

Republicans have been frustrated that both Clintons have escaped formal charges in the White Water debacle, and while most people believe this was a political witch-hunt, the mere sense of impropriety raises concerns that a Republican-led Congress might stymie Hillary Clinton’s efforts much as it did her husband.

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Additionally, with the baggage she carries, it&8217;s uncertain that she could defeat a strong Republican candidate, and the Democrats would be left out of office again.

We have looked hard at Barack

Obama’s candidacy. It would appear that he’s inexperienced and too young to take on the mantle of leadership of this nation that’s divided in so many ways.

But after looking at his campaign and reading his speeches and excerpts from his books, we are convinced that Obama is the better candidate of the two.

He is a unifying force, bringing people of different stages of life together. He is a liberal in the old classical sense of the word, believing in a strong democratic government that works for the people and that is responsible to the people.

We haven’t seen indications of Obama flip-flopping for the sake of political collateral. Instead, he has stuck to his beliefs in the face of harsh criticism.

He has acknowledged his weaknesses.

Obama has stood up for what he believes in, and he has reached across partisan political lines when necessary, despite his liberal ideology.

These are marks of a leader, and that is why we endorse Barack

Obama in the Democratic primary on Tuesday.