BREAKING NEWS: Family says documents forged

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 1, 2008

Members of the Hollman family said today in a noon press conference that a citation filed against Kourtney Hollman had his forged signature on it.

Hollman and his grandfather were arrested last summer after an altercation with Selma police officers. The two men have said they were mistreated by the officers. One officer on the scene said he attempted to pull Kourtney over, but the young man didn’t stop until he arrived at his grandfather’s house. Kourtney said he was told to always pull over in a safe place.

The Hollman family said at the time that no citations were issued. However, a citation has emerged.

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“We are particularly concerned that the cover up of these acts included the fasification of a citation against Kourtney Gordon, allegedly issued on the day of arrest,” said Faya Rose Toure, the attorney who represents the family. “The signatures on the citation, purporting to be that of Kourtney Gordon, is in fact a forgery.”