Everyone preparing for long summer

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 27, 2008

The issue: Candidates are announcing intentions to run for local office.

Our position: It&8217;s up to the voters as to who will lead the community.

Candidates have already announced their intentions to begin running for local office. Municipal elections are a good eight months away, and the start of qualifying isn’t for another six months.

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During the spring and summer, local people will talk a good deal about themselves and what they’re capable of. We don’t doubt some hyperbole will come from them about their accomplishments, publicly or privately. It’s human nature to attempt to put on the best face when someone really wants something.

It’s up to the voters to decide.

The Selma Times-Journal has an obligation to give its readers the facts despite personal beliefs and to shine the light of openness at every opportunity. We fully intend to live up to our obligations.

Because of our leadership role in the community, we’ll study the candidates carefully, observing them and meeting with them individually to discuss their views on government and their plans for the future. We’ll turn right around and report this news to you accurately, completely and timely.

Additionally, before the election, the Times-Journal will give you an election tabloid with the basic information about the candidates, so that you may understand whom you’re voting for.

Before the elections, we’ll tell you who the editorial board believes will make the best leadership for this city, based on those interviews and careful consideration of the candidates’ conduct and resumes.

Keeping people informed is our business.

It’s your responsibility to ensure you’re registered, living in the proper precinct and that you’re at the polls on election day.