Questions why interim school superintendent passed over

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dear editor:

With due respect to the Selma City School Board, I question why Dr. Verdell Dawson, who has an earned Ph.D. from the University of Alabama, was not included in the initial interview for superintendent when the others were.

I understand she presented the necessary credentials for the interview.

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I further question why, if she was fully capable of being the interim superintendent, why now after more than nine months working cooperatively with office personnel, the school board, teachers, janitors and other personnel, she was not given the courtesy to be interviewed?

Surely she should be interviewed this time without fail.

I have nothing against the other candidates, but only feel that in all fairness, Dr. Dawson should have been included then, and most certainly now.

Dorothy J. Brown

Retired teacher

Robert E. Lee hailed for his military leadership, character

Dear editor:

Robert E. Lee, though a military loser in the War for Southern Independence, has been an honored icon of history by generations even to this day. For more than 100 years, Alabama has observed a state holiday, marking his 1807 birth.

Monday, Jan. 21, was a special day this year.

In a time when our history is not taught in the schools as it once was and should be, it is important that we remember great men like Gen. Lee. He was truly a man of sterling character. A mania exists in today&8217;s society, glorifying sports figures and entertainers, instead of the great men of history, to the detriment of our culture.

We in Sons of Confederate Veterans encourage all people of good will to remember the Lee holiday on Jan. 21.

Leonard Wilson


Alabama Division

Sons of Confederate Veterans