Why, yes, this newspaper has its own agenda

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The issue: Newspapers, including The Selma Times-Journal, have agendas in the community where they exist and cover news.

Our position: Of course The Selma Times-Journal has an agenda, but its to see that Selma grows and prospers.

Sometimes when a newspaper is critical of its community, that newspaper is said to have some kind of an agenda.

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That’s true. The Selma Times-Journal has an agenda.

We want Selma to be the best she can be at all times. We want to see her grow and expand. Telling the good and sharing the negative is part of the responsibility of a newspaper.

Sometimes, a good look in the mirror helps us. By holding up that mirror and showing where improvement can be made, this newspaper is performing its duty.

At the same time, a newspaper should be a cheerleader for its community. Its children who perform well should be patted on the back. Its citizens should be encouraged to take part in the daily life of service that makes a community thrive.

A newspaper marks history, the comings and goings of people through birth and death announcements; the stories of individuals who have overcome obstacles or who have obstacles to overcome; the successes and foibles of government leaders and others are all a part of the pages of this newspaper.

The people who work at this newspaper spend their money in this community, raise families in this community, vote and attend schools in this community. They all have a stake in Selma and its ability to thrive economically.

When Selma falters, we all feel the pain.

With the privilege of telling the stories of the day-to-day events in these pages comes the responsibility of balance. While it is this newspaper’s mission to help lead the community, it is a responsibility to be fair and honest in its reporting.

This newspaper has no master plan against any person or organization. If someone or some group feels slighted, they are asked to take issue with this newspaper right here on this opinion page in Letters to the Editor.

Does The Selma Times-Journal have an agenda?

You’re absolutely right it does. And, that is to be the best, most balanced and accurate newspaper this community has witnessed.