Top people sports fans cant stand

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 20, 2008

There are some things in this world I really hate.

For instance, I hate MySpace and Facebook. I hate talking on the cell phone and driving at the same time (although, unfortunately, this job requires me to do it more than I like to admit). I hate cheating.

I hate that it&8217;s a two-week mission to find shoes that fit (you try lugging around a pair of size 17 dogs). And I hate the New York Yankees. Of course.

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But I can&8217;t really say that I hate people. Now, I know what you&8217;re thinking: &8220;How can George L. claim not to hate people when he admitted to hating the Yankees?&8221;

Simple, really. No one that plays for the Yankees actually qualifies as a human being.

So then I got to thinking &8230;

There are some people who would understandably draw the ire of other sports fans. You can probably think of a couple right now, right? Find out who&8217;s feeling the heat when we go down &8220;The List.&8221;

4. Billy Gillespie &8212; Do I have permission to call him &8220;Dizzy?&8221; It&8217;s safe to say that if you&8217;ve been the Kentucky basketball coach at any point in the past two years, your head has been spinning. Tubby Smith left Gillespie a mess to deal with, I understand that. But there are some awfully impatient folks in Lexington right about now. Personally, I could give two flips. I&8217;m just wondering why people are still overlooking Duke.

3. Philip Rivers &8212; Half of you don&8217;t know who he is, which means he had no business talking trash to Peyton Manning and the Colts. But that&8217;s exactly what he did when he jawed with Indy fans last Sunday (Rivers is San Diego&8217;s quarterback, by the way). Yeah, the Chargers won, but you ever hear the phrase &8220;tugging on Superman&8217;s cape?&8221;

2. Alex Rodriguez &8212; No one has talked about him in, like, 45 minutes and that bothers me. So I&8217;ll say it now: Alex Rodriguez&8217;s lips are too pink. Yes, I said it. A-Rod&8217;s lips are extremely, freakishly pink. This man must be stopped from using lip balm at all costs.

1. Kelly Tilghman &8212; Many people (Me) never watched the Golf Channel before, but took an extreme interest when its lead broadcaster said on the air that young golfers should lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley.

I don&8217;t believe in slips of the tongue. Her &8220;joking&8221; was clear evidence of a type of social ignorance that is far too common among people of all races.

George L. Jones is sports editor of The Selma Times-Journal. He can be reached at (334) 410-1744 or