Maplesville girls still in slump, boys win

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 18, 2008

Austin T. Jones

The Selma Times-Journal

MAPLESVILLE – Something just isn’t clicking with the Maplesville girls this season.

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The Lady Devils (1-8) lost a close one again Thursday night as Akron (6-9) came out on top in a 39-37 win.

The Rams were clicking, however, and at halftime they were up 19-10. But in the second half, things started to heat up.

Kelsey Langston started off the third with a layup that made it 21-13. After three consecutive baskets by the Lady Devils, Quentesta Tubbs knocked down a jumper attempting to put out whatever the Devils were cooking up.

Ebony Childers answered with five straight points of her own, including the free throw that gave Maplesville its first lead of the night.

The Rams came back to take the lead again, but Heather Chambers laid it in to tie it up at 31 with more than five minutes left in the game.

With 4:50 left, Akron’s Kelinesha Williams drained a 3-pointer to take back the lead for the final time, and the Rams went on to win.

The Maplesville boys beat Akron 87-82 behind a game-high 31 points from Nick Andrews.

It was a physical game, and Maplesville went to the free-throw line 21 times.

With all the action down low, long-range shots opened up for both teams and they combined for 12 3-pointers. Seven of those were tacked on by Akron’s Bertum Davis.

Maplesville sophomore Brian Bailey put up nine points within a 25-second time period, including a dunk that resulted in a 3-point play.

“We played team ball, worked it around, and put our shots down,” Bailey said.

Down 85-71 with 1:33 in the game, Akron scored 11 unanswered points. The Rams ended up coming within five points, where the score remained.

Davis was Akron’s high scorer with 23 points. Right behind him was Jermaine Tubbs with 19.

Brian Bailey had 20 points, and Marcus Wilson had 21.