A full slate on the school board means progress

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The issue: Selma City School Board has a full slate of members now.

Our position: It&8217;s time to get on with the business of setting school district policy.

At last the Selma City School Board has a full slate of members. All three vacancies are filled.

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It&8217;s time to go about the business of setting policy and hiring a superintendent of education.

The last time the school board came into focus, its members were deadlocked 4 -4 over two candidates for superintendent. Both individuals had excellent credentials.

The present city administration favored one over the other, but would never come out and say directly. However, the sudden move during the final days of selection to fill those vacant school board slots with individuals

who support the administration smacked of a fix in favor of a favorite son.

The brouhaha raged for several weeks with one of the candidates receiving and taking a job at another school district. Selma lost its chance at a seemingly qualified candidate.

Additionally, during all this, parents and supporters of the administration called press conferences and held pseudo hearings to issue the clarion for appointments to the school board.

So, Monday night, the council brought up the issues again &8212; right after three parents showed up and asked the council to move on the issue &8220;for the sake of the children.&8221;

And a majority of the council &8212; Reid Cain, Jean Martin, George Evans, Cecil Williamson and Dr. Geraldine Allen &8212; voted for the new members of the school board.

We congratulate the new board members:

Janet Walker, Sylvia Smith and the Rev. Winston Williams on their appointments.

We look forward to the Selma City Schools moving forward in its mission of educating the children without all the political nonsense that seems to have plagued it recently.