Local school board members get a nod of appreciation

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 11, 2008

Dear editor:

Dallas County Schools will join school systems throughout the state to salute their local education leaders during Alabama&8217;s 15th annual School Board Member Recognition Month in January.

The commemorative month is designed to recognize the contributions made by Alabama&8217;s more than 800 local school board members, including the members of the Dallas County Board of Education, who are charged with governing public education under state law.

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Alabama school board members are chosen by their communities through election or appointment to manage local schools.

They oversee multimillion-dollar budgets which fund education programs for more than 743,364 students in 1,541 schools.

Their personnel decisions affect 49,574 teachers, 3,308 administrators and 37,431 support workers.

These volunteer leaders also are responsible for formulating school system policy, approving curricula, maintaining school facilities, and adhering to state and federal education law.

Legal concerns and the complexities of school finance, including budgeting and taxation, require then to spend many hours in board training programs and personal study to enhance their understanding of these issues.

Our deepest appreciation is extended to the dedicated men and women who make it possible for local citizens to participate in education in our community.

We salute the public servants of the Dallas County school system: Roy Edwards, Peggy Williamson, Ollis Grayson, William Minor and Mark Story.

The commitment and civic responsibility of the Dallas County school board members make local control of public schools in our community possible.

Please join us by saying &8220;thanks&8221; to our school board members during Alabama&8217;s 15th School Board Member Recognition Month.

Respectfully Yours,

Dr. Fannie Major-McKenzie


Dallas County Board of Education

Owner searching for missing dog seeks community help

Dear editor:

Last week a dog that I have had for over 7 years went missing.

He followed a female dog in heat and never returned.

Whether he got lost and has taken up at another house, or whether he has been hit by a car, or maybe even shot by some trigger happy hunter I do not know.

But I feel that there is probably someone in this community who can tell me what has happened. This dog is more than just a pet, and I am willing to pay a substantial reward for his return.

Even if he is no longer living it would be worth a great deal for me to know his fate.

He is a large dog, a mix between a Chow and Great Pyrenees.

He favors a Chow but is much larger.

He has long reddish colored fur, and answers to the name Grendal (though he is usually wary of strangers).

He was wearing a collar but it is hard to see for his long hair.

He disappeared from the Westwood Drive area. I would appreciate a call from anyone seeing a dog fitting this description. I can be reached during working hours at 874-8247, and at home at 874-6027.

I will make it worth the while of anyone who can locate my dog.

Steven Fitts