Obama is the candidate of the people and for all people

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Dear Editor:

Obama can guide us into the truth and reality. We stand on change; change brings promises; change brings freedom.

From the old business in Washington D.C., we stand as a nation for change.

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Obama can supply us with the power to stay on the path of change.

Obama is for peace,

not war and can fill us with peace and make this nation whole again.

Obama can bring justice and peace to this nation and its troubled people.

Injustice seems to prevail here in our nation; we as a nation have suffered from abuse that is not our fault. We can be assured that justice will be served when Obama is elected the next president of this nation. It shall happen within my lifetime. This nation needs and wants change and that change is Obama. We shall have the comfort to know that we helped him make that change

Vote Feb. 5, Alabama. Let’s make this state blue again.

Millie Lee Dulaney