Couple needs votes to win

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Selma Times-Journal

Imagine, after weeks of competition, being one of two couples left in the running for a $25,000 wedding.

Such is the situation Selma native Heather Stripling and fianc Clint Tranum find themselves in this week as the final vote for the winning couple comes to a close at website

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Voting opened Dec. 21 and will close 5 p.m. Friday. The couple simply needs more votes than the other couple to win.

It all started when Stripling’s fianc Tranum heard about the contest on the radio. The couple had to go online and write a story about their engagement. After submitting the story, the couple made it to the next round of eliminations and then had to go to the radio station, based in Columbus, Ga., in person and fill out a questionnaire.

After the questionnaire segment of the competition, which involved 16 couples, nine couples were eliminated.

The final seven had to participate in once-a-week challenges, and then the public would vote on which couples got to remain in the competition.

Stripling said the challenges included couple karaoke, sports trivia, bowling, and a toilet paper dress contest that took place during a hockey game.

Stripling said for the toilet paper dress contest, the couples were called into the arena during intermission. &8220;We were worried about having to wear ice skates,&8221; Stripling said. They ended up not having to wear skates, but were given toilet paper and told to make a dress out of it.

Having consulted with friends on what to do, Stripling made a single strap mummy-wrap style dress on Tranum complete with bow, train, and veil.

To add &8220;flow,&8221; beginning at the knees, Stripling wove the toilet paper so the dress expanded around the calves and ankles. Stripling wrapped more paper around to make a bow on the back, and put toilet paper around Tranum’s helmet for a veil.

Tranum stuck a wad of toilet paper in the cardboard roll to make a bouquet, Stripling said. Stripling and Tranum won the contest.

Stripling said the couple has been emailing and calling everyone they know to get the word out.

The couples will find out the winner Sunday, and the wedding will take place Jan. 25.

Stripling said she really hopes to come out on top.

To read their engagement story and vote for Heather Stripling and Clint Tranum, go to