Holiday trash piles send wrong message

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 31, 2007

The issue: Holiday garbage pickup.

Our position: Piles on trash left on curbs sends wrong message to tourists.

Wonder what tourists who came through Selma last week thought of the garbage bins, grocery carts of household trash, and boxes of refuse piled up by the sides of many of the city’s streets?

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Apparently, a lot of residents in Selma got the wrong message from the city about how to dispose of their garbage. A well-intentioned move to give city employees an extra day off turned into a mess.

In the future, it would behoove city directors and elected officials to work out logistics in ample time before declaring an extra holiday.

Nobody wants to ride down streets that look like leftovers from a dog’s breakfast.

A good deal of this city’s revenue comes from tourist dollars. What kind of impression did our holiday garbage leave on them?