Filling school board seats should wait

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The issue: Filling vacant seats on City School Board.

Our position: City Council should wait until January meeting.

Selma City Council President is correct

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Selma City Council President George Evans is correct in taking a wait-and-see approach to calling a special city council meeting to decide on new school board members.

This is an orderly approach to a complex situation.

Earlier this month, the council voted unanimously to skip its meeting that would have been held Christmas Eve. Several council members would be out of town. They voted to meet again in January.

Council members known to be rational about the matter of school board appointees would be unavailable if a special meeting was called this week by Evans. The council president knows this. He&8217;s not about to be forced into a political play that would create more upheaval on the school board and at City Hall.

The school board appointments have waited for a year. They can wait another two weeks until the full board can convene.

This call for a council meeting is just another thinly veiled way of some city officials to control the appointment of a school superintendent.

Evans has avoided that trap, thankfully.