Bond issue misunderstood,’ asserts Selma councilman

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 2, 2007

Dear Editor:

The $20 million, 25 years to repay, bond issue is widely misunderstood in certain parts of our community. On the ballot, there will be no dollar amounts to be approved by the voters to be spent on a particular project. Even though there have been dollar amounts on all 14 versions of the bond proposal submitted by the administration, no dollar amount for any project will be on the ballot. A &8220;yes&8221; vote for the bond issue will enable the city council to spend $12 million the way the council determines. After the election, the city council will by resolution determine the amounts of money to be spent on various projects.

My opinion is that no movie theatre will be approved by the current city council. How can people be so misled that they believe that if there is a movie theatre they will be able to go to the movies free? I believe there are at least five members of the council who do not believe that the city should be inthe movie business and that government is not responsible for providing entertainment for citizens. If a movie theatre in Selma could be a profitable business, then private investors would be here today building a movie theatre.

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Our citizens should also understand that the cameras being talked about are not cameras which will be at traffic signals to catch people who run stop lights. They are not traffic cameras, but cameras which will be placed in places such as housing authority complexes to spy on people. there is certainly a lot less criminal activity in these areas than on Highland Avenue, where business are being burglarized every night and where police officers, not cameras, are needed.

City voters should understand what they are actually voting for if they approve the bond issue and who will determine how the $12 million is spent. Otherwise, instead of fruits and nuts from the City Hall Santas, they may end up with switches and ashes.

Cecil Williamson

Councilman Ward 1