Renovations give downtown facelift

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 16, 2007

The Selma Times-Journal

Downtown will thrive, say members of the Historic Development Commission.

By example, said the group, take a look at the renovation of the Teppers Building by the Freedom Foundation. Add to that the site on the corner of Water Avenue and Board Street that will become the Selma Interpretive Center.

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Members of the commission’s hope is these projects will spark a &8220;renewed interest in downtown.&8221;

They talked about some of the downtown developments Thursday night when they met in the council chambers at

City Hall.

U.S. Rep. Artur Davis, D-Ala., had secured a $1 million appropriation for the renovation of the Interpretive Center, an estimated $15 million to $20 million project, earlier this year.

The Carneal Building Auto Service building on the corner of Church Street and Arsenal Place has caught the eye of non-profit agency ArtsRevive.

ArtsRevive is a group of local artists who have banded together to make access to the arts and artists in Selma and Dallas County easier.

The building needs some repair, and some erosion has occurred no the side of the building facing the river, but the textured brick exterior is still a rich red.

Johnson said the ArtsRevive is having some soil samples done.

If the arts group takes over the building, they plan

to make it a gallery, and a place to teach art classes, among other things.

Charles Johnson, one of the leaders in the downtown development movement, Commended the ArtsRevive for taking and interest in the

building. With the right investors, Charles said, &8220;Selma’s going to take off.&8221;