The issue: Hunting season means observing safety rules.

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Many wives are &8220;hunting widows,&8221; meaning during this time of year their husbands get that look in their eyes and head off to deer camp.

In more recent years, wives and daughters have begun to accompany husbands and fathers.

But there is still something about the male bonding that occurs in the woods over the smell of gunpowder and flannel shirts.

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Sometimes, hunters go into the woods and don’t return &045; victims of carelessness through their own actions or those of someone else.

It’s at this time we encourage older hunters to refresh themselves on basic safety rules &045; wearing the hunter orange, taking special care with the firearm, not hunting alone or at least letting someone know the vicinity of your hunt and when you expect to return.

To young hunters, we applaud that you have approached the rite of passage that seems to be one for most Southerners who enjoy the outdoors.

We would encourage you to take hunter safety classes and practice those tips given by the authorities.

Both old hands and rookies in the field should have first-aid skills.

We want to hear those tales, not tell a sad one.