The Issue: The families of those off to war need our help.

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 12, 2007

It’s Veterans Day observed. We talk a lot about how we appreciate the sacrifices the men and women overseas make for us.

And while many of us wouldn’t want to go in their place, or we really can’t go in their place, we can do things at home that have significant meaning.

All of us know someone who has a loved one at war. That person might be a next door neighbor or someone who lives across town or maybe someone out in the county.

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How much would it take for once a week or a month or a couple of times a month for us to visit a mom who has a son or daughter fighting in Iraq? How much would it take for us to listen to his or her last e-mail or letter?

How much would it take for our families to put together a meal and invite over the spouse and children of someone fighting in Iraq?

Or what about the grass that might need mowing when a guy is off at war and his wife is busy with small children?

Even an honest, &8220;I appreciate what your loved one is doing,&8221; means a lot to a parent, sibling, spouse or son or daughter.

It’s Veterans Day observed. Let’s not forget those who are sacrificing right now &045; the many left behind at home to keep the fires burning.