Decision postponed in school case

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Selma Times-Journal

The coach and students involved at a fight at Southside High last week will have to wait one more day to see what happens.

After hearing more than two hours of witness testimony in a probable cause hearing Wednesday, Judge Bob Armstrong said he needed one more day to decide if the process should go further.

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The hearing was held to determine whether charges could be filed or arrests warrants could be issued as a result of the fight that broke out between football coach Christopher Raymond and three students on the afternoon of Oct. 30.

Armstrong said he would sleep on the matter and make a decision today.

Seniors Glenn McDaniel and Clenton English and a minor in the ninth grade were part of the fight that led to their suspension.

There were 11 other witnesses that testified Wednesday, 10 of them on behalf of Raymond.

McDaniel was seen leaving campus with two other students last Tuesday, which prompted Raymond to notify the principal.

After McDaniel returned to campus, he confronted Raymond.

Raymond contends the punch was thrown in self defense after McDaniel and Fears threatened and cursed him several times then attacked him. Raymond and McDaniel went to the school’s office after the incident had cooled.

At least two teachers testified they called 911.

English teacher Brenda Holder was one of several faculty members that tried to restore order after several students had learned about the fight.

She said she successfully stopped Fears from going into the office, but not so for English.

Several other witnesses supported her claim that more fighting broke out thereafter.

Other witnesses confirmed McDaniel also shattered a lamp thrown in Raymond’s direction.

Armstrong decided to proceed with caution because of the sensitivity of the matter.