Kenan’s Mill festival draws large crowd

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Selma Times-Journal

Kenan’s Mill came back to life Saturday with the Kenan’s Mill fall festival and Bluegrass Event.

In addition to the musical groups performing on the stage and the antique tractor propelled

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hayrides, the mill did what it was supposed to do,

grind corn into meal.

Official Mill operator Jim Wood has been tinkering with the ancient mill apparatus for the last few days and despite the low amount of water in Valley creek that powers the mill,

visitors were able to watch corn ground between the two giant millstones

change into fine corn meal.

This years remarkably lower entrance fee, only $5 per car load as opposed to previous years $15 per person brought in a large crowd.

A barn raising started early in the morning with the pouring of a concrete slab and building of walls.

The barn will be used to house bathrooms.

At noon the performers took to the stage.

The Gravy Soppers, a guitar, bass and mandolin trio made a return performance playing top quality bluegrass and ragtime music. They were followed by the Dixieland cloggers whose synchronized dancing in tap shoes to a variety of musical genres was very entertaining.

The East Alabama Hem Hawers

played old fashioned bluegrass and then the Gravy Soppers played again to finish out the day.