THE ISSUE: Community safety is a priority.

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 1, 2007

Valley Grande has had more than its share of excitement these days.

In September three gunmen robbed Peoples Bank & Trust, taking an undisclosed amount of money. The FBI is working on that one now.

More recently, two gunmen burst into the Dollar General Store and fired a shot after demanding cash from the register. Authorities are looking for those men.

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Thankfully, nobody was hurt in either incident.

Instead of sitting around and worrying the business people and law enforcement in Valley Grande joined together this week to discuss security matters.

People need to feel safe when they’re out in public. Workers need assurances that they’ll survive the workday.

Bad things happen sometimes out of anyone’s control.

But planning against robberies and even petty shoplifters seems like good sense to us.

In this meeting, law enforcement officers offer basic tips to business people about how to protect their stores and offices and their employees.

Now, Valley Grande’s mayor said he’d like to see increased patrols in the town during the holiday season. The move would be re-evaluated after January.

Everyone who has run a business knows that the chances of getting robbed or of getting hit by shoplifters increases during Christmas shopping time.

The increased patrols will cost extra money, almost $15,000 extra. That expense will have to be approved by the Valley Grande City Council.

We applaud Mayor Tom Lee’s suggestion and find it a solid move to protect the people who shop and work in his city.