Time Expires For Coffee Printing

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 21, 2007

The closing of Coffee Printing Company downtown, after 70 years of service to the community, is viewed with mixed emotions. Truly Donnie Coffee Sr., loves Selma, and sees hope for the downtown area he’s leaving for retirement.

Their time had simply come.

We share his optimism and encourage his spirit. We also encourage investment in Selma, wherever it may be. Our downtown, however, is prime for reinvestment.

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All of Alabama’s major cities have seen it. The move from downtown to the outskirts, and the regentrification. Our municipal government is trying to do its part, but the rebuilding of our downtown city blocks will take more than city efforts.

It will take private investment. The fact that public support is there, should serve as motivation for investors to make up their minds the time is right. It has all the building blocks for success.

There are three museums on Water Avenue. The National Park Service has committed to a major component in the Interpretive Center. All that’s left is business owners with the vision to see the entertainment district in Selma similar to other progressive southern towns.

Donnie Coffee Jr., said he believes God will open another door for him. We trust that God will, and that the supreme being will send us another Ted Coffee to create and prosper for the good of us all.